About Me..


Nick Name  Shazmiey

POB  Kunak

DOB 9th December 1989

About me::
basically my friends used to called me as Chuck and some of them called me Sharif.. You can called me any names as long it appropriate and not so weird.

My hometown in Kunak. My primary and secondary ages was at Kunak and im pursuing my study at MARA University of Technology Kota Kinabalu in Plantation field from 2007-2010 and now im studying at MARA University of Technology here at Shah Alam,Selangor D.E in the same field also, Plantation Management.

People somehow said that im so arrogant and not easily to talk with to. But trust me as time goes by, i will be more talkative and good listener. So don't judge me badly.heee. I'm basically smart, somehow heavy sleeper, i love travel, love foods, love buildings, etc. I'm music junkies.

You can add me at Facebook,search for Shazmiey Abdurahman. Don't have another social network account. Free to be in my friend's list at Yahoo Messenger @ Shazmiey.Abdurahman@yahoo.com



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