Friday, September 9, 2016

2012-2016 : Era Kegelapan Blog

its been awhile i didnt write on my walls. Wall where I posted my rants abt life etc.

So lets catch up from 2012 until now:

I graduated from UiTM and alhamdulillah awarded Vice Chancellor Awards, yeah, I saw that one coming. And was offered Tenaga Pengajar Muda at the end year.

I worked as substitute teacher at my alma meter. I taught Science, Math and Physical Somehow I was unable to furter study that year and worked for UiTM Sarawak.

I worked at UiTM Sarawak until June 2014. Then I received job offer at UMS as Graduate's Fellow. I worked as substitute teacher (yeah again) but different school. I taught

I started my Master Degree at UPM. Bought my first car, Mazda 2 and named it Robin.

Now still in UPM.

So fast forward, here I am. Should I start writing?

I haven't decided yet.

Before then,

Lots of Love,
Chuck @ Shazmieyanghebat :)


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