Sunday, July 17, 2011

Semua Nak Itu 'I'

wahh..dah lama tak hupdate kan? apa kejadahnya nih wahai shazmiey??!!

Ehh ok aku rajinkan diri hari ni nak update k???

Herm, im out of idea tonight,but at least i'm gonna post one entry tonight.. Okey, sebenarnya aku tak sabar balik Sabah nih.. and aku dah hantar resignation letter dekat HR Department tempat aku keje.. Oh ya, aku akan resign on 15th August, seminggu aku balik Sabah iaitu 23rd August which is about one week before raya..  And every time i was in my room and watch to the window, i saw aeroplane pass at the sky, and i can't wait to fly, which is about one month left before im going back to Sabah..

And i just bought and ipod from Apple website and my parcel will arrive within 9 days, 25th July!! And i can't wait for it.. Ehh, btw, i thought the parcel was delivered from KL itself, and i was wrong, it is from Shanghai. CHINA indeed!

huhh.nampak tak dalam red box tuh?? Delivered by 25 July 2011..

ohohh! Shipment from Shanghai to KL okehh, i thought the parcel come from KL itself.

Ohh, i can't wait for it, ehh, not the expensive ipod la, only the shuffle one, ala, cheap mah..You can buy also, don't worry lah, And many of my friends asked me why you just don't go to the Apple Store, you can get the things on the spot.. And my aim actually to get my ipod to be engraved! hehehe.. Yeahh.. i was hoping for it! Just wait for the parcel and i will upload the pics of it soon,okehh??

Ohh ya, i think i want to move to new home, i mean i want to my own blog hosting,.. And i will closed this blogspot.. Hurmm, don't ask me why,.. And i hope it will be a good decision.. Err ( dalam hati: blogspot pun malas nak update, nak blog hosting berbayar la pulak.)

Huh,apa nak jadi dengan kau nih Shazmiey Abdurahman???

Ehh,okehlahh,dah nak tido la..TTYL k??

Bye peeps.

p/s: Pagi tadi aku masuk KL pkul 5 pagi.. Awal kan?? motif?? Saje buang tebiat.. Best jugak KL kalau subuh, senyappppp je... tadak jam!

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