Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 !!

hari nih out of topic sket.. Today we will talk about aviation industry.. Actually i fall in love with aviation field, to know the fact that i am plantation student.haha.wtf.

worraite, those pictures is Malaysia very first Airbus A380..This first superjumbo jet which entered the line on 7 june, will have its front central and aft fuselage sections, wings and of course horizantal and vertical tails assembled at the first stage.. And we will see the progress soon..

Banyak ura-ura yang mengatakan bahawa MAS telah membatalkan tempahan superjumbo jet nih.. And with this happy news, ada harapan untuk kita merasai Airbus A380 nih kan? hahaha... Err, by the way, the MAS is likely to deploy this superjumbo jet to the London, Sydney and Melbourne,.hihih.. But don't worry, thay had six A380 on order...

By the way, i am hoping that this Airbus will be having the same livery like Boeing 737-800..  It is more aerodynamic compare to the old one... Kan??

Ehh.. worraite..TTYL keh!

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