Tuesday, September 28, 2010


hye dear bloggers a.k.a readers..

hurm.im really sorry as my last few post were kindly useless to read.. i don't have enough time to update my blog since i had left my laptop at my hometown.. therefore i was unable to update my blog frequently. hurm. i left my laptop to my brother..by the way i want to buy a new laptop therefore i left the old one. but im still waiting for my scholarship allowances which is totally makes me MAD.!! hurm..its been a month but i still didn't receive my contract yet..they said they will send the contact letter to the HEP of our university,and i called them many times, and they replying the same...still in progress..hurmm...like my friend's say:: DUIT PERCUMA MEMANG BEIGTU..hahaha..so just wait and wait and wait.

Last Saturday, my roomate and i went to the I-City here in Shah Alam..by tje way, it was a beautiful place to see.. the scenary is absolutely makes you feel in heaven.haha...not so true actually,hehe, but i bet you, if you go there you feel so happy watching the glimpse view of that city.. I-City actually a place which fully decorated with the light.. and of course, its not so big and i think they should improve it.. it is nice but need to be improved..i havent upload the pictures taken, InsyaAllah i will upload it any soon..but, i had goggled some of the picture for you and for further info just go goggling by your own ok..

heh..one of the view..from google to luminory0912. :)

erm...another one..nice view kan??
erm..oh ya..about my convocation.it will held at Dewan Sri Budiman on 2nd of December.. and i absolutely can't wait for it..heheheheheh..erm..but still worried about accommodation..erm..still searchin for the hotel around Shah Alam.erm, cheaper one.heh..
er,what more..ohh ya..abt the DSLR camera..im still searchin for a good one..erm..considering Nikon D3000.. the cheaper one for newbie like me...erm..i had asked some experts and they recommended me so.. bahh..insyaAllah..erm..yeah..this one also will be withhold untill i get my scholar..haah!!erm..

erm..my future DSLR..heheh..tunggu kau ahh!!

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