Saturday, August 7, 2010

July News.

i couldnt be careless then for your fault.

huh.yeah,its been a tiring July for me for this year since i had moved from Sabah to Shah Alam,Selangore. Since it was my first month here, there were a lot of things to be clear out, to manage down. It's totally put me in a "heartless" condition to myself. Got no rest for this July, i need to move from one area to another area. From one city to another city and my foot were yelling everyday.haha..its totally a July to be remembered.

There are a lot of things happen lately, basically after move down here. I break up with my girlfriend, had a fight with some members and collegeue, being attacked by sickness, financial problems(i mean alot of financial problem), problems with course registeration on UiTM's website portal and so on..

thanks God for giving me strength to faced everything happen. At least i got many experiences and of course i laearn a lot from mistakes. yeahh.. i managed to make myslef so strong( when it come to love problems), i managed to survive in financial crisis, i learn how to trust on myself, i make a lot of friends who really nice to me., ad so many things that are totally valuable to me..

yeahh.Thanx God, for atleast solve my financial problem, i got my loan already, just in time when i really need it. and at the same time, there was a sadness time too, when i fail to get the BKNS Scholarship which is totally out of my fault. At least they should inform us that we need to submit our offer letter from University, yet, i dont know about it, therefore, my application was rejected. and i will be hoping for the JPA scholarship.i really really want it.please GOD.. i beg you, i need that scholar..pleasee...

hahah..there were a lot things happen today, yeahh,, i went to Mc Donalds today with some of my friends. it was a coincidence actually when i need someone to accompany me to eat..And then , i found my friends from UiTM Sabah..then, i invite them to eat together, and we agree to eat at McD which was just nearby Seksyen 2..And the funny thing was, im the only guy there, and there were 5 of them and yes, they all way girls.hahaha.. and someone of them said, wuih.. 'you got 4 wife and one girlfriend to eat together tonight.'hahaha.. it was funny indeed..haha.. and then, when i was ordering for menu, i got my fries fall down!! and everyone there were staring at me..oh nooo i said..huhh.. totally shame that time!! what shoud i do?? and no one of the workers come to me to clear it..huhh..after several minutes, there was,a guy,help me to wipe it out..huhh...finish one problem..second incident,my friend was searching for straw,,huhhh...and she fail to found it.huh..then,she wen to counter.huhhuh...memalukan ja.hahah..n then, when it comes to get refill coke,,if u were at Sabah.u need to go to the counter, but here, they already prepare a jug of coke there, after workers refill baru perasan tu jug.hahaha..n then the most funny things, i bought a set of chickenmc deluxe, and the rest only 1 large french fries for 5 of them. and we actually were sharing one large coke only which actually mine..hahaha..stupid wo!!

hahahah.. too funny today..but it is totally make my life good today.hopefully it will be okey forever kan??heee..

anyway..till then..c ya :)

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