Saturday, August 28, 2010

frozen Leg

yeah dear bloggers :)

today i had my leg crying..hahah...i had through a longggg journey today..but,instead of that,its fun actually... when it comes to window shopping..nahhh,hilang ngantuk i hokehh..hahaha.. i try to post la yeah...erm..i got class this morning,CSC Class,huhh..its kinda frustrating coz i got less knowladge today..chehh..hahaha..yeah,after done with that Lab, my frind and i went to Kompleks PKNS and then went to the SACC...huh..they had a sale there... but sad to say...its not sale at al!! they marked up the price so high!! and when after discounted,perghh!! still the old price..meanless hokehh!!

hahah..then,went to Plaza Alam Sentral...too crowded today, i guess people were busy as the Eid is just around the corner..and finally we decided to Jalan Masji India..Ride one hour bus,then smpai la Majsid India...ya Allah,,,toooooooooo crowded hokeh!! its likea an army of ants looking for foods..huhhh..i hate it a lot....and after that went to SOGO..lagilahhhhh..punyalah ramai..until you can see some desperate faces, i mean the family members of the other members( yg shopping berabis) sitting at the floor..hahah..its Ramadhan bha kesian..hahah..people were tired..exhausting..

hahaha...its totally guess what???

i dont even buy anything!!!

repeat:: NOTHING!!

hahah..yeahh..i was busy googling for nice cloths but sad to not so interested..then i was srveying the Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera..erm..rm2100 with a kit...erm....still considering..

sogo yang teda apa2..hahah

and at the evening, i went to Dataran Shah Alam as we had a bukak puasa wif our classmate..hell ya,so fun!! the picture will be uploaded soon k..juz be patient..i love patient readers like you the lost tadi ya mencari tempat tuh.. i mean Dataran Shah Alam..?? huh,,never been there okeyh..hehehe...and,thats time, i beocme closer with friends from other branches..but sad to say, students form Arau dont come..huh...kenapa ya??

and im still happy after knowing that i was offered the JPA Scholarship!! hell ya man!!! its not easy dude!! the lucky one...really, its totally a miracle..hehehe..yeahh...after dreaming a lot about it..and when it comes true...oh GOD...what a gift for me...

hopefully the money will be bank in soon...i cant wait to shop..hehehe

guys..till then...see you in next post urut kaki dulu nehh..heheh..


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