Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spain Undefeated

Yes, basically im die hard fan for Spain or in Malay what so we called as Sepanyol.. heee.. yeah!! They have the best team , since they has Torres, Villa, Xavi, even the goalkeeper, Iker Cassilas!! And most of them are young players, since then, i believe, luck is beside them. Yeahh, Netherlands also one of most compete team since they win over another giantic team, Brazil and its quite amazing.. They make Brazzillian supporters crying.. Heee..

And the most important thing is, who will be highlighted?? For Spain of course they are hoping for David Villa while for Netherlands they have Sneijder. So far, the top scorer is David Villa.. Hopefully he can score more goals tomorrow morning. And i pray for it.

Sneijder versus Villa huh??

Hes a hero, he will be a top scorer this time.!

Hehe..and the good news is, Paul the octopus also predicted that Spain will win the game over Netherlands.. I believes that it will make all Oranje supporters quite scared!! Hahah.. yeah. Hopefully the prediction totally true!! So far, all the prediction by that Octopus was true!! Yeah.. Just believe me, Spanish team is undefeated team.!!heee.. As in Malaysia, the Spanish team jersey sold out! yeahh,, everyone are into Spain!! Viva La Spain!! heheeh.. That is what we called so Passionate!!

See?? Even the Octopus choosing Spain!!

After tomorrow morning final match, we need to wait for 4 years more the see the passion of people over the ball on the field. Yeah to be true, FIFA World Cup is more attractive than Olympic Games..hee.. If i'm not wrong, the next World Cup will be hosted by giantic nation in Soccer which is Brazil!! yeahh!! Finally Brazil will host the World Cup and let see whether they can host it as good they playing or not. And one fact is, I like the way Kaka play. But i only like Kaka, not Brazil team.hee.. But sad to say, hes not giving all out this time. Yeahh!! Most of the stars were not playing very well here. I wonder why, even Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney also not playing well.. Its quite a shame isn't it. huhh.. What happen.. Too much surprise on this edition..

The symbol is said to represent the first “Green World Cup”, while attempting to represent the “happiness, colour and welcoming nature” of Brazil.

Huuu..the conclusion is, the star cannot shine alone, he needs a good team as well. Therefore what so we called as 'teamwork' can ensure the victory of any teams. Like Knaan song, Footbal unify us.. Football unite us. And what we are trying to do, spread out the peace and play fairly. My game is a fair game..hahaha..

Till then, c ya'!

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