Friday, July 16, 2010


im sorry being busy lately. yeahh, the main problem that causing me unable to update my post is that, the hostel where i live in doesn't provide a wireless facility while i don't have any broadband yet. I do have but i left it at my home, therefore i was unable to update my blog regularly.

Ouh ya..i need your suggestion for broadband subscription,DiGi, Celcom, Maxis org P1Max?? i do some research, but still confuse which one to subscribe.

So, i do need your opinion guys,therefore please tell me which one okey..

Till then, bye :)


Franky Boy said...

wimax lor.. :)

shazmiey said...

erm...its quite expensive la frank..
n when im back to sabah, no coverage there.. :)

Anonymous said...

i'd say, go for celcom. now, got student package aite wherein u oni pay rm50 (if im not mistaken). then, wider coverage.

read this for more info:

Shazmiey Abdurahman said...

celcom?? yeahh..i heard bout it several time..but rm50 only for 1.5gb usage..kinda frustrating..

maxis get cheaper price actually..rm48 only.


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