Friday, July 9, 2010



basically this new blog will be my official blog.hopefully this one will be more attractive than my old blog.heh.but the old blog still can be surfed. maybe i will delete it any soon. I love that blog but sorry to say, its a bit childish and the language is messy, the content immatured and etc.

I really don't know how to specify my blog. I'm using the Blogger thingy since i was at my Secondary school but not so seriously. Since im entering the UiTM, i was started to create serious blog.. I had 3 blog before this.. I'm using blog for random purposes. To share cherish moment, to share bad times, express my feeling, telling people what i found,what i see and etc.

I will blogging in any random language.. My English still not very well, but i will try. Ouh ya, somehow when i'm blogging, i learn to improve my vocab. yeahh.,and basically it is true. When im in mood oh Bahasa then i will blog in Malay la..okey??

My old blog was fully with all childish gadget, so,this time i have improve a lil bit on my blog. I won't add any advertisement because i'm not blogging for money, i'm blogging for myself, but at least can read it, and they will know what i am talking about. So, dear readers, you should follow me okeyh?? hehe..ouh no, i'm promoting my blog.hahaha..

Blogging for random things.

Yeahh, blog?? why blog??'s kinda weird when guys were doing blogging.heh.yeah. usually only women blogging for random purposes..heh..its nice to have a blog i think. Eventhough its kinda weird, why not kan??hehe..

okey guys, im hope my next post will be more matured compared to my old, guys please don't be hesitate to follow me and i will follow you, just leave your footprint here either on chat box or anywhere okey..wish me luck. and till then,bye

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