Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nuffnang's Story

Hii here i come again..

the last day when i was started this blog, i have decided that i won't put any advertisement in my blog. But after several hours, after doing some blogwalking to another blog site, i found that most of them were putting the ads on their blog. And the main purposes of putting the ads as we know to earn money. I really influence by them. On my old blog, i had put ads also but i had remove them. Somehow, its far away from my purposes.

But, we cannot be too prejudice bout that. And then i had asked my blogger friends who i know since last night and most of them told me to put the ads on my blogs. huhh.. i made a hard decision. an finally i put some advertisement.heh. You know, my current earn with nuff is RM11.53..heheh.. its kinda funny since i become glitteratti member since 2008!! Hehh,,yeahh, im not really active blogger since then, and i admit it.

I had put a nuffnang ads on mine, so click on it!!

And im started to dream to have my own domain, but since im still a student and i don't have monthly income, i just need to use this free domain., for the early stage, i don't buy, but any later soon i will buy a new domain!. Somehow by buying the domain, you can get into more serious .. Yeahh, because you were incurred money on it therefore you won't wasting money. so you need to be mo serious! hehh..

Last night, i doing some blogwalking to another blog, and its fun indeed!! Visiting other blogs, leave a footprint there and they will visit you, and if you have any ads on your blog, they will click on it. hahah.. Somehow, its a tiring job, you need to refresh a lot of time to see their ads and then click on it. Yeah, last night i dont have any ads on mine, so, they only give me traffick, but after this hopefully they will click my ads after i put it in.hehe.. And my blog got many followers too!! yeah its good for new blog like mine, yeahh.. I've made my blog not last than 24hours. hee.. So to get 27 followers at early stage was really really good!! and it make feels good..hahah.. hopefully i will be more serious on it. so readers, be my followers and i will follow you okeyh.. its kinda DiGi yells, i will follow you..ngeee..

Stop about the Nuffnang thingy, dear bloggers, i will update many post any soon, so stay tune and please be my followers, leave your footprint here by giving comments or just drop your comment on my chatbox and i will go through your blog okey?? till then c ya'!!


Hamzah Ian said...

pergh.. nuff gua o dari dulu lg.. hahaha

Shazmiey Abdurahman said...

takpe,ko steady je..
ko letak ads ko aku legi klik ok.. :)


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