Friday, July 23, 2010

My Wishlist :)

click to enlarge my current addiction :)
hye all.. really tired just now..just finished with my education loan, by the mean of PTPTN, erm..totally tiring when i need to wait tov queu.. i got number 1894!! huhh...then, after rushing from the post office at PKNS Complex, wait for the bus after Friday pray, and when reach the Annexe Hall at UiTM, they told me to wait until all student from dunno faculty to finish down with their stupid..and finally at 7.oopm i got my loan to be approved!! :) least it worth to wait kan?? erm..By the way, finally after doing some reseach on broadband packages, i decided to used my old DiGi Broadband.. imean campus discover plan which i subscribe years ago.heehh..mbha..sorry Franky, im not so rich to subscribe P1MAX..heehh.. yet, if you want to sponsor my Broadband bill,then, why not kan??heeeh.

Ouh need to buy al ot of things righyt now!! :
1.New Lappy ( i wish i afford to buy Apple MacBook :( )
2. DSLR Camera (For fun purposes,not so important indeed)
3. Ouh Ipod Touch (Wuits, kluar PT akan ku baham ko..haha)
4. Many things la..i put as etc and KIV la..hahaha the way,,i've been dream to have my own Ipod Touch since i was in my Diploma..and fail to get it until today,therefore i should buy it any soon my PTPTN kluar.hah!!nanti kempunan orang the way, the most interesting part of this Ipod is, i can 'WiFi'ing using dat Ipod Touch :) ,, nahh.whenever there is WiFi connection, i can connect to FB..ALWAYS. haha..seems dat i'm really addicted to FB..ouh noo..not really..its only short time addiction.really, im so easily addicted to new things, but only for short me..

Almost to the conclusion, what im trying to tell is, everyone has their own wish,dreams and any so on, and if we really wishing for it, you must try harder to get it. Somehow, don't so really believe what we so called as 'LUCK'... But, God Will, InsyaAllah, you will get what you want as long as you work harder to gain it, achieve it or etc.
So,as i try to fulfil my wishlist above, you should fulfil yours too :)

till then, bye

p/s:: im asking for my friends from oversea to buy this Ipod Thingy, but believe me,u will be frustrated, just by at nearby Retailer..nda payalah p luar negara,heeee ;)


Pencacai Alim said...

menyemakkan komen gua dlm entri nih..hakhak

Franky Boy said...

alamak.. hehehe.. as long as u use the internet connection wisely, that would be great.. :)

Shazmiey Abdurahman said...

pencacai::eheh...bukan semak penyeri lahh..

franky::eheh..yeahh..agree.bila smpai shah alam gtau k.!

Franky Boy said...

oh btw.. i bought d3000 ody.. hehe..


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