Tuesday, July 27, 2010

im Sick

ouh..i got fever!!

and im sick..pray for me k.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Wishlist :)

click to enlarge my current addiction :)
hye all..

erm..yeah..im really tired just now..just finished with my education loan, by the mean of PTPTN, erm..totally tiring when i need to wait tov queu.. i got number 1894!! huhh...then, after rushing from the post office at PKNS Complex, wait for the bus after Friday pray, and when reach the Annexe Hall at UiTM, they told me to wait until all student from dunno faculty to finish down with their agreement.so stupid..and finally at 7.oopm i got my loan to be approved!! :)

Heyh..at least it worth to wait kan?? erm..By the way, finally after doing some reseach on broadband packages, i decided to used my old DiGi Broadband.. imean campus discover plan which i subscribe years ago.heehh..mbha..sorry Franky, im not so rich to subscribe P1MAX..heehh.. yet, if you want to sponsor my Broadband bill,then, why not kan??heeeh.

Ouh ya..im need to buy al ot of things righyt now!! :
1.New Lappy ( i wish i afford to buy Apple MacBook :( )
2. DSLR Camera (For fun purposes,not so important indeed)
3. Ouh Ipod Touch (Wuits, kluar PT akan ku baham ko..haha)
4. Many things la..i put as etc and KIV la..hahaha

huhh..by the way,,i've been dream to have my own Ipod Touch since i was in my Diploma..and fail to get it until today,therefore i should buy it any soon my PTPTN kluar.hah!!nanti kempunan orang bilang..hahaha...by the way, the most interesting part of this Ipod is, i can 'WiFi'ing using dat Ipod Touch :) ,, nahh.whenever there is WiFi connection, i can connect to FB..ALWAYS. haha..seems dat i'm really addicted to FB..ouh noo..not really..its only short time addiction.really, im so easily addicted to new things, but only for short term.nahh..trust me..

Almost to the conclusion, what im trying to tell is, everyone has their own wish,dreams and any so on, and if we really wishing for it, you must try harder to get it. Somehow, don't so really believe what we so called as 'LUCK'... But, God Will, InsyaAllah, you will get what you want as long as you work harder to gain it, achieve it or etc.
So,as i try to fulfil my wishlist above, you should fulfil yours too :)

till then, bye

p/s:: im asking for my friends from oversea to buy this Ipod Thingy, but believe me,u will be frustrated, just by at nearby Retailer..nda payalah p luar negara,heeee ;)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

UiTM Sabah.

hii there..

its been a while since my last post isn't it?? heeehh..yeahh, it was a tiring weeks since i join UiTM Shah Alam.. by the way, its been 3 weeks since i left Sabah..and i miss Sabah a lot.

And, there so much moment i could never forget at UiTM Sabah.!! i miss my friends overthere, the lecturers as well, they were nice to me, and i won't forget any of them..

i miss them a lot..

yeah.i admit that.

i miss SABAH!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


im sorry being busy lately. yeahh, the main problem that causing me unable to update my post is that, the hostel where i live in doesn't provide a wireless facility while i don't have any broadband yet. I do have but i left it at my home, therefore i was unable to update my blog regularly.

Ouh ya..i need your suggestion for broadband subscription,DiGi, Celcom, Maxis org P1Max?? i do some research, but still confuse which one to subscribe.

So, i do need your opinion guys,therefore please tell me which one okey..

Till then, bye :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spain Undefeated

Yes, basically im die hard fan for Spain or in Malay what so we called as Sepanyol.. heee.. yeah!! They have the best team , since they has Torres, Villa, Xavi, even the goalkeeper, Iker Cassilas!! And most of them are young players, since then, i believe, luck is beside them. Yeahh, Netherlands also one of most compete team since they win over another giantic team, Brazil and its quite amazing.. They make Brazzillian supporters crying.. Heee..

And the most important thing is, who will be highlighted?? For Spain of course they are hoping for David Villa while for Netherlands they have Sneijder. So far, the top scorer is David Villa.. Hopefully he can score more goals tomorrow morning. And i pray for it.

Sneijder versus Villa huh??

Hes a hero, he will be a top scorer this time.!

Hehe..and the good news is, Paul the octopus also predicted that Spain will win the game over Netherlands.. I believes that it will make all Oranje supporters quite scared!! Hahah.. yeah. Hopefully the prediction totally true!! So far, all the prediction by that Octopus was true!! Yeah.. Just believe me, Spanish team is undefeated team.!!heee.. As in Malaysia, the Spanish team jersey sold out! yeahh,, everyone are into Spain!! Viva La Spain!! heheeh.. That is what we called so Passionate!!

See?? Even the Octopus choosing Spain!!

After tomorrow morning final match, we need to wait for 4 years more the see the passion of people over the ball on the field. Yeah to be true, FIFA World Cup is more attractive than Olympic Games..hee.. If i'm not wrong, the next World Cup will be hosted by giantic nation in Soccer which is Brazil!! yeahh!! Finally Brazil will host the World Cup and let see whether they can host it as good they playing or not. And one fact is, I like the way Kaka play. But i only like Kaka, not Brazil team.hee.. But sad to say, hes not giving all out this time. Yeahh!! Most of the stars were not playing very well here. I wonder why, even Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney also not playing well.. Its quite a shame isn't it. huhh.. What happen.. Too much surprise on this edition..

The symbol is said to represent the first “Green World Cup”, while attempting to represent the “happiness, colour and welcoming nature” of Brazil.

Huuu..the conclusion is, the star cannot shine alone, he needs a good team as well. Therefore what so we called as 'teamwork' can ensure the victory of any teams. Like Knaan song, Footbal unify us.. Football unite us. And what we are trying to do, spread out the peace and play fairly. My game is a fair game..hahaha..

Till then, c ya'!

Nuffnang's Story

Hii here i come again..

the last day when i was started this blog, i have decided that i won't put any advertisement in my blog. But after several hours, after doing some blogwalking to another blog site, i found that most of them were putting the ads on their blog. And the main purposes of putting the ads as we know to earn money. I really influence by them. On my old blog, i had put ads also but i had remove them. Somehow, its far away from my purposes.

But, we cannot be too prejudice bout that. And then i had asked my blogger friends who i know since last night and most of them told me to put the ads on my blogs. huhh.. i made a hard decision. an finally i put some advertisement.heh. You know, my current earn with nuff is RM11.53..heheh.. its kinda funny since i become glitteratti member since 2008!! Hehh,,yeahh, im not really active blogger since then, and i admit it.

I had put a nuffnang ads on mine, so click on it!!

And im started to dream to have my own domain, but since im still a student and i don't have monthly income, i just need to use this free domain. hehh.so, for the early stage, i don't buy, but any later soon i will buy a new domain!. Somehow by buying the domain, you can get into more serious .. Yeahh, because you were incurred money on it therefore you won't wasting money. so you need to be mo serious! hehh..

Last night, i doing some blogwalking to another blog, and its fun indeed!! Visiting other blogs, leave a footprint there and they will visit you, and if you have any ads on your blog, they will click on it. hahah.. Somehow, its a tiring job, you need to refresh a lot of time to see their ads and then click on it. Yeah, last night i dont have any ads on mine, so, they only give me traffick, but after this hopefully they will click my ads after i put it in.hehe.. And my blog got many followers too!! yeah its good for new blog like mine, yeahh.. I've made my blog not last than 24hours. hee.. So to get 27 followers at early stage was really really good!! and it make feels good..hahah.. hopefully i will be more serious on it. so readers, be my followers and i will follow you okeyh.. its kinda DiGi yells, i will follow you..ngeee..

Stop about the Nuffnang thingy, dear bloggers, i will update many post any soon, so stay tune and please be my followers, leave your footprint here by giving comments or just drop your comment on my chatbox and i will go through your blog okey?? till then c ya'!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Waka Waka Dance

hehe..i want to share a video with you all..this video was taken from my facebook and then i search for it on Youtube..so cute..i like to see the step of this kid..Hes goin to be a dancer in future.haha

Ouh yeah..im goin to support Spain for the final World Cup. Trust me, no one can defeat them..



basically this new blog will be my official blog.hopefully this one will be more attractive than my old blog.heh.but the old blog still can be surfed. maybe i will delete it any soon. I love that blog but sorry to say, its a bit childish and the language is messy, the content immatured and etc.

I really don't know how to specify my blog. I'm using the Blogger thingy since i was at my Secondary school but not so seriously. Since im entering the UiTM, i was started to create serious blog.. I had 3 blog before this.. I'm using blog for random purposes. To share cherish moment, to share bad times, express my feeling, telling people what i found,what i see and etc.

I will blogging in any random language.. My English still not very well, but i will try. Ouh ya, somehow when i'm blogging, i learn to improve my vocab. yeahh.,and basically it is true. When im in mood oh Bahasa then i will blog in Malay la..okey??

My old blog was fully with all childish gadget, so,this time i have improve a lil bit on my blog. I won't add any advertisement because i'm not blogging for money, i'm blogging for myself, but at least can read it, and they will know what i am talking about. So, dear readers, you should follow me okeyh?? hehe..ouh no, i'm promoting my blog.hahaha..

Blogging for random things.

Yeahh, blog?? why blog?? heh..it's kinda weird when guys were doing blogging.heh.yeah. usually only women blogging for random purposes..heh..its nice to have a blog i think. Eventhough its kinda weird, why not kan??hehe..

okey guys, im hope my next post will be more matured compared to my old blog.heh.so, guys please don't be hesitate to follow me and i will follow you, just leave your footprint here either on chat box or anywhere okey..wish me luck. and till then,bye

Reborn:: Part 2


Basically this is my another newer blogsite. i made this new one because i don't like my old blogger because its kinda childish, so made this one and i hope this can be retain longer..

i've made some improvement.i have put new link or pages at upper side of this blog and this will be my official blog. so, follow me, i will be your follower too :)

till then,bye.!

Reborn:: Part 1

this blog was created today on::

09th July 2010
1.33 pm

hope this blog can be retain longer than my old blog :)


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